Looking Glass Consulting - Empowering young girls to become successful and confident women

Looking Glass Consulting - Our Purpose

Studies released by the NYU Child Study Center tell us that “the average girl's self-esteem peaks at the age of 9 and then plummets.”  Low self-esteem in girls can lead to behaviors that will leave an impact on a girl’s life even after adolescence.  These behaviors include eating disorders, smoking and substance abuse, promiscuity and risky sexual behaviors, and even unwanted pregnancy; the emotional scars can last a lifetime.

As parents, our daughters are constantly exposed to messages that can lower their self-esteem in magazines, television ads and shows, toys, and more.  These outlets set unrealistic physical standards and often portray females in a less than positive light.

At Looking Glass Consulting, we are dedicated to empowering girls with the skills, knowledge, confidence, and courage needed to make well-informed choices in life that stem from self-respect and self-awareness.    We are passionate about helping your daughter reach her highest potential and grow up to become a successful and confident woman.

In Working With Us, Your Daughter Will...
★ Learn to set the right goals, raising the bar and turning her goals into your achievements
★ Develop leadership skills that will serve her throughout her lifetime
★ Reverse self-pity, self-loathing, and depression and develop her self-confidence
★ Unlock her true potential
★ Learn to be accountable for her decisions
★ Identify her own unique talents and gifts
★ Receive the tools needed to achieve higher grades in school and maximize her chances at success
★ Learn to love her physical appearance
★ Overcome obstacles and gain the mindset to achieve any goal

If you are ready to schedule a free discovery session, please email us at ann@lookingglassconsulting.net, call us at (434) 515-2115, or complete the Contact Us form on this site. 

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